1st Period
Kinzey Baker
Kailee Beaver
Madison Carney
Raven Farnsworth
Kyser French
Madison Gahring
Candice Grosswiler
Ann Mills
Dana Pace
Sam Seidel
Gavin Sexton
Kayla Shepherd
Zack Smart
Emma Stillion
Kila Stillion
Jayden Strickland
Tyler Sage

3rd Period:
Trinity Blair
Shelby Bowman
Jake Carpenter
Ashley Copus
Makiah doughty
Paige Hahler
Dakota Hiltbrunner
Jackson McCormack
Christian Murray
Cody Oney
Elijah Radcliffe
Casey Resor
Destiny Shaffer
Hannah Shafer
Lathen Sholes
Annie Strong
Emma Suddith
Sadie Suddith
Tristan Swazey
Haley Throckmorton
Shane Vanderpool
Blaine Wheeler
Charlie White
Adam Winans

5th Period :
Tyler Beverage
Skylar Dobias
Emily Keene
Hunter Cooper
Caitlynn Miller
Elizabeth Music
Alex Caudill
Ivy Ott
Ellysia Driver

Blog Requirements

Each post must be written in paragraph form with varying sentence structure

(complex and compound)

10 points=

Each blog post should include at least 2 forms of media (picture or video)

10 points=

Each blog post should include 1 or 2 hyperlinks.

10 points=

Students need to have less than two grammatical errors in each post.

10 points=
Vocabulary words and Blog Posts are worth 50 points every two weeks.