Figurative Language Assignment:

Matthew and Issac

Danielle and Kayla

Dustin and Wingersoll

Mackenzie and Sam

Kaycee and Ashley

Grace and Hannah

Nate and Tyler


Reading Vocabulary Test

Steven and seth

6th period
Sierra and Bree
Libbie and Tira
Luke and Dalton
Brooke and Desiree
Dalton and Jasmine
Colin and Zach

7th period
Riley and Hailey
Grace and Hannah

Marcus and Nate

Lily and Susan
Kalie and Savannah
Terri and Marisa
Kendall and Zack

Test Prep Vocabulary Final


Vocabulary Test - - Study Here and here for definitions.

Embed Plot Lines on wiki pageTest Prep - Reading

The Outsiders By: Dallas Tolliver, Franny Bonet and Gabe Wagner

The Diary of Anne Frank By: Dalton Blanton, Kristin Vanderpool and Jerome Bryant

The Diary of Anne Frank by Mikey Swander and Brayden Wilhelm.

The Outsiders By: S.E. Hinton By: Hunter Eldridge, Kyle Verburg and Seth Runkle.