2014 Etech Presentation - Teach with Technology! Not teach technology!by: Joe Bedingfield @mrbscjh - jbedingfield@south-central.org, Sue Sparks ssparks@south-central.org


Actual Presentation:

2014 Etech Presentation - Teach with Technology! Not teach technology!

Useful Apps for the classroom Discussed at Conference:

Notes from 2014 Tech Conference:

Web 2.0 links for Wikis:

draw a stickman -- Fun starter

Issuu - Store your documents online and share them on your wiki.

Diigo - Social booksmarking - bookmark private save passwords

Movie Maker - Storyboard movie maker , more for upper level students - content is questionable

Cartoon Animation - A better way to make a animated storyboard suitable for all audiences.

Voki - Embedable animation - google earth embedable too.

Photopeach - Embed a photo slide show on to a wiki or Google Earth.

mystudiyo - Create embedable quizes.

Record your web visitors - a way to track visitors

Survey Gizmo - sign up for student account

Media Converter - convert 5 videos daily from Youtube at school

Widgets - embeddable widgets for your wiki.

Glogster: Great embeddable poster - put on pictures video and more.

Wiki Creator Email:

jbedingfield@south-central.org - Joe Bedingfield

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